Complete Well Integrity Solutions Provider

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  • The ability to identify irregularities and defects in a well’s casing and tubing is crucial, as it will quickly help determine what immediate action to take to solve the problem before a catastrophe occurs.

  • With GOWell’s promise of quality and affordability, we make sure to minimize your spending by helping you evaluate the condition of the casing, tubing and cement quality in your well.

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  • GOWell’s series of formation resistivity measurement tools provide quality response in all environments including low to high salinity, water based muds and oil-based muds. Our resistivity suite includes DILT, DLLT, MSFL, and AILT.

  • For more specific results, the tools are combinable with any other Gallop tool.


Distributed FIBRE-Optic Sensing


Distributed sensing being the technology that enables continuous, real-time measurements along the entire length of a fibre optic cable. Our product is focused for upstream in-well applications such as downhole leak detection and flow profile monitoring.